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Frankfort New York
American Session Ale

Our lightest style beer. Brewed with New York light malts and balanced with mild hops. If you are used to a "light" beer give this one a try. It has all the flavor without all the heavy.


Amber in color with a lighter body. Brewed with Munich and wheat malts. Hints of banana and clove give this beer a slightly sweet flavor with a smooth finish.


English style IPA which makes its not as hoppy as a west coast IPA. Slight bitterness and crisp finish make this beer easy to enjoy.

Chinook IPA

An English style IPA brewed exclusively with Chinook Hops, with a little more bitter and less hop flavor than an American IPA.

Rye Porter

Brewed with a blend of chocolate and roasted dark malts, with a touch of  honey malts.  This gives it a nice dark color with a hardy flavor and smooth finish.

Oatmeal Stout

Brewed with roasted oatmeal to give this beer a slight nutty flavor and balanced with brewers gold and fuggle hops to give it a lighter smooth finish. 

California Common

An ale beer brewed with lager yeast at a higher temperature to give it notes of caramel. This beer has a bit of a hoppy flavor with a slightly bitter finish.

Arctic Red Ale

A Red Ale that's malt forward with a slight caramel butterscotch flavor. This beer has a deep red color and a slightly bitter finish.

English Ale

Lighter in style, and brewed with galena and fuddle hops and English Malt to give this beer a nicely balanced body.

Humulus Lumulus IPA

Humulus being the scientific name for hops, this American style IPA has a light body and strong finish.

Jalapeno Cream Ale

All flavor and no bite, this cream ale is light in color and goes down smooth. For an added kick, ask for a jalapeno garnish

Vienna Lager

under construction

Rye Pale Ale

Under construction

Robust Brown

under construction

Specialty Beers

Limited Availability - Not Available for Take Out
Smoked Pumpkin Porter

Light in weight and dark in color. For this porter we smoke the actual pumpkin and steep it in the beer to give it a hint of pumpkin and light smoky flavor.

Raspberry Wheat

Refreshing and crisp

Mango Wheat

Refreshing and crisp


This traditional Marzen is a malt forward bier with a slight dry finish.

We also offer a selection of wines from

Rustic Ridge Winery

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